Fashion Trends That Are On Their Way Out

Whenever we welcome a new fashion trend with open arms, so comes the inevitable farewell to pieces we relied on in the past. But as Heidi Klum reminds us whenever we rewatch episodes of Project Runway: “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next you’re out.” Such is the circle of life.

While we had fun rounding up these looks, take this as your reminder that fashion is subjective. And if you’re not ready to bid adieu to these trends, far be it for us to try and stop you! But to those willing to embrace change as it comes, be prepared to say goodbye to these fashion trends that are on their way out.

Skater-Boy Chic

(image via red/getty images)

Like many of us, Suki Waterhouse once rocked the oversized men’s skatewear look. And while comfort is forever, there are other ways to unify comfy and cute that don’t involve looking like you watch kickflipping tutorials on YouTube in your downtime. Some of the highlights of this era include tapered cargo pants (specifically in deep green), corduroy, and boxy, more masculine silhouettes. If you’re not ready to give up this fashion approach, switch to “dad-core.” It’s a little more tapered, chic, and thrift-heavy and draws from nostalgia – but it doesn’t skimp on comfort, which is a bulk of the appeal of the skater-boy style.

The Girly Cardigan

(image via fashionnova)

Not too long ago, it seemed like the entire fashion world was taken by the sweetness of the strawberry cardigan and other girly styles. Though these were sticky-sweet for their time in the spotlight, the cardigan look was nothing but a micro-trend. If this look was your cup of tea, we pray you try out the “French girl look.” It’s just as sweet and romantic as this sweater trend but approached in a different, more grown-up way.

Wall Street Meets Street Style

(image via yahoo)

As shown by this photo of model Kaia Gerber, there was a time when we couldn’t flip open a magazine or scroll through a beauty blog without being met by the sight of someone rocking both casual and professional wear in a singular outfit. The most popular combinations were blazers and jeans with Converse or fitted trousers, oversized sweaters, and trench coats with chunky white trainers.

This was the streetwear look of choice during New York Fashion Week 2020-2021. But, unfortunately, it’s come to its quiet end. Thankfully, these looks are built off of neutral pieces, so while the combination is technically out of style, you can still wear them on their own.


(image via vogue via dolce & gabbana/alessandro lucioni)

When models came down the runway during the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2021 Show, the entire fashion world held its breath. Classic silhouettes and otherwise customary pieces became head-turning due to the addition of loud colors and patterns. And though it was huge during its prime, it seems as though people are turning away from showy, flamboyant looks. For the time being, the aspects of the ensemble are in a period of separation: the showy stays showy; the casual stays casual. For those still fans of this trend, try finding a happy medium by leaning toward maximalism.

Cropped Shirts

(image via @courtmawhorr via vsco)

We know we sound crazy for throwing the metaphorical ax onto an item as trustworthy as the cropped shirt, but bear with us here. We aren’t saying that every cropped top is out of style. Only factory-cropped shirts are. If you buy and chop up shirts on your own accord, continue to go crazy! The DIY, lived-in look is here to stay, whereas the neatly hemmed look is not. As for cropped sweaters, vests, and jackets, they’re safe for another season. A word of advice for the lovers of cropped band-tees: Try a full-length T-shirt and see how it feels!

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