5 Takeaways From Celine’s New, Youthful Direction

Image via Harper’s Bazaar Kaia Gerber

Heidi Slimane has turned his vision toward youth culture, and specifically TikTok, for both Celine Spring ‘21 Ready-to-Wear collections. Celine Homme SS21, titled “The Dancing Kid,” took place in July on a deserted Formula 1 racetrack and paid homage to the generation of TikTok dancers that took to social media as a creative outlet during the pandemic. Two weeks ago, Slimane answered the groundbreaking menswear film with one for the girls—a dressed-down, streetwear take on the house’s Parisian staples, complete with baseball caps and crop tops. The creative team used trending songs like Tiagz’s “They Call Me Tiago” and Princess Nokia’s “I Like Him” for the soundtracks of Celine’s films, which underscore the youthful looks and relaxed lockdown styles.

We’re here to break down what happens when a French fashion house, known for minimalism, simple silhouettes, and now rock culture, is inspired by the internet. These are the five hallmarks of Slimane’s new vision for Celine, and we bet you’ll see these same influences in other designer collections this coming spring.

An Uptick in Elevated Casual Wear

As per the status quo during the lockdown, many of us have made casual looks our only looks since March. Heidi Slimane knows this and is asking us to kick it up a notch with his Celine Spring ‘21 Ready-to-Wear collections. The designer riffed on elevated casual looks that range from a maxi glitter-encrusted gown with a camoflauge cap, Chelsea boots, and flannel to sports bras with blazers and jean shorts, as seen on Kaia Gerber. These styles are a blueprint for the relaxed looks we’ll be seeing this spring at small outdoor gatherings and afternoons at the park.

A Rise in Athletic Wear

Not only was “The Dancing Kid” set on a racetrack, but Heidi Slimane also filled the women’s Ready-to-Wear collection with letterman jacket inspired fonts, athletic shorts, sports bras, basketball shorts, track pants, and sweatpants. These are the basic components from which to build your elevated casual looks, but they also make great comfortable options for staying home in.

Same Ol’ Logocentricism

It wouldn’t be a modern designer collection without the inclusion of branded garments. Still, logocentrism seemed right at home in this youth-inspired Celine collection. Logos appeal to TikTok creators, who like to flex in easily recognizable designer clothing online. This collection included the likes of “Celine” sports bras, “Celine Paris” shirts and windbreakers, “C” hats, and “Celine” bucket hats and bucket bags. Paired with sneakers, flannels, and shorts, this branded apparel is Slimane’s way of saying that these looks might be low key, but they are still very much Celine.

Clout Glasses, Obviously

A collection inspired by the internet wouldn’t be complete without some vital fashion trends. The Celine Spring ‘21 Ready-to-Wear collection delivered big time, with clout glasses and gold VSCO girl scrunchies. These simple accessories helped Slimane tap into the varying and ever-changing styles on the internet and helped to drive part of the collection’s youthful narrative. They also make having a piece of Celine a bit more attainable, and that gold-colored scrunchie is at the top of our must-have list.

A Dash of Classic French Fashion

French fashion is all about subtlety and nonchalance, which might seem absent in this collection full of obvious branding and mixed prints. However, the Celine Spring ‘21 Ready-to-Wear collection did include some French fashion classics, like ballet flats and the perennial striped shirt. Slimane delivered a collection that was inspired by the internet, but still stayed true to the brand’s French heritage. This collection is for the young French girl that mixes the classics with streetwear trends. With styles ranging from tailored blazers to chic-yet-oversized sweats, the collection is as easily imaginable on the sunny streets of L.A. as it is in the grand boulevards of Paris.

We at Think Glamor can’t wait to see the looks online and IRL this spring. Merci, Heidi!

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