Money-Saving Tips for Couples

While money can’t buy happiness, discussing it with your significant other can go a long way, so you can save up for more experiences. So whether you are planning an overseas vacation, saving up to buy a house, or simply wanting to put a little extra away for emergencies, here are some of our best money-saving tips for couples.

Discuss Your Money Goals

The first step in your savings journey is to have an honest discussion about your financial goals with your partner. Keep in mind that your savings plan isn’t set in stone, and it’s normal to adjust things as you go.

Create a Budget

Ahh, yes, the dreaded “B” word: budget. Take a few months to track you and your partner’s spending habits. This will help you determine which expenses are necessary and which can be adjusted (or avoided) to optimize your savings.

Be a Cheap Date

It’s okay to be bougie once in a while, but if you’re trying to save money, think outside the box of expensive dinners or nights out on the town. For example, you could take a hike or bike ride together, consider a movie night in, or check out what free events are happening in your community.

Plan Meals Accordingly

Hey, life is busy, and we get that it’s convenient to order takeout, but these meals add up. Save some extra coins by planning your meals for the week and buying only what is on your grocery list.

Think Thrifty

If the time has come for new furniture, save some money (and get creative) by checking out local thrift stores. And never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint!

Ditch Unnecessary Subscriptions

Whether there’s a magazine subscription you can read online for free, a monthly subscription box that you forget about until it shows up, or a streaming service you never watch, it’s never a bad idea to discuss with your partner what subscriptions can be cut. No matter how little you may be paying for said subscription, it all adds up.

Skip the Gym

Don’t get us wrong: Exercise is super important! What we’re getting at here is to ditch the gym membership. There are many ways to get your sweat on that don’t require expensive equipment. Plus, there are plenty of free workout videos you can watch online!

Consider a Cheap(er) Vacay

Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you can’t take a vacation, but you may want to consider a shorter trip or check out sites like Groupon before you plan your itinerary.

Emergency Use Only

Using your credit card for every purchase can be tempting, but spending this way can get out of hand fast. And while there is nothing wrong with having credit cards, make sure you and your partner agree to use them responsibly. You could also consider only keeping them around only for emergencies.

Do you have any money-saving tips for couples? Share them with us in the comments below!

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