How to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Long-Term Relationship

Let’s get straight to the point: The “honeymoon phase” at the beginning of a relationship doesn’t always last forever. Over time, that initial excitement can dwindle – but just because there’s a change doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed; it just means that you will see the other ways to keep the spark alive. Read on for tips and tricks for keeping the spark alive throughout your long-term relationship.

No Defense, Yes Communication

Say goodbye to any notion that every argument needs a “winner.” Instead, be willing to engage in open communication and compromise. If your partner tells you something bothers them, listen! Don’t counterattack or come up with an excuse. Always being on the defensive can put your relationship deeper in trouble. Be compassionate and try to work through the issue while ensuring you’re honest about how you feel.

‘I Love You’ Goes a Long Way; So Do Other Emotions

Saying “I love you” once a day is a beautiful thing in a relationship. But sometimes, other words are necessary. Words of affirmation are the glue to any long-term relationship. These include compliments, encouragement, empathy, consideration, etc. Communicating those emotions can go a long way.

Understand Desires May Not Always Line Up

If you’re in a long-term relationship, understand that sexual patterns can fluctuate. One person may be eager to fulfill their desires while the other has little to no sex drive. This is normal. If you’re the former, practice patience and take zero offense. Show support if your significant other is ready to talk about it. If you’re the latter, don’t feel ashamed. Instead, openly discuss how you feel. It may give both of you some insight.

Don’t Forget to Be Authentically YOU

Oftentimes, people in relationships start to mold into one team. That’s fine to an extent, but it’s unhealthy to be so invested in your relationship that you throw away everything that makes you unique. Having separate interests is important. So keep doing what you love, whether alone or with your SO by your side.

Be Willingly Adventurous

Adventure may seem scary, and trying new things may put you outside your comfort zone, but it’s important in maintaining a healthy, long-term relationship. Push each other to take risks a

Do you have any tips for keeping the spark alive in your relationship? Share them with us in the comments below!

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