Dry Dating 101

For many of us, a “go-to” first date often consists of grabbing a drink and enjoying the ambiance of a stylish bar. But lately, dry dating has become increasingly popular! In this article, we’ll review what dry dating entails, its benefits, and some tips for dry dating success.

Benefits of Dry Dating

Love Me for Me

With dry dating, you can be yourself and let someone get to know the real you. And, you get to know your date for who they really are. Alcohol tends to change us, and while you may think the intoxicated version is better, it rarely is.

Totally in Control

In every way, you are in control. No going home with someone if you don’t want to, no hangovers, no cloudy judgment, no regrets.

It’s the Mature Thing to Do

Drinking may seem like it makes you more attractive and mature, but if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the bar bathroom, you may be familiar with the melted makeup look. In addition, being sober means you will act like an adult throughout your date, showing you can make good decisions.

Just Settling? Not on Our Watch

Alcohol can lead you to pick a person who fills the void for the night. Being sober means you can spot red and green flags just the same. Ultimately, you’ll choose a serious relationship over a casual hookup. (Unless a casual hookup is what you’re after, in which case, you can still make that decision sober!)

Do You Remember?

Staying sober will make your first date memorable. You don’t have to try to remember what was said or done because you’ll just know.

Tips for Dry Dating

All it takes to have a dry date is to avoid alcohol, so here are a few tips for navigating this dating scene.

Suggest a Date

Tons of date activities don’t involve alcohol, including visiting a coffee shop, going to a museum, or trying a new activity together. Give your date some options and discuss what you both enjoy.

Don’t Let Anxiety Rule

It can be tempting to reach for a drink to calm your nerves, but there are other ways to do this, like FaceTiming a friend, journaling, scrolling TikTok, or meditating.

Fill Them In

While you’re not obligated to tell your date anything, it’s nice to fill them in on your decision to remain sober. There’s a chance you may inspire them to try dry dating. Whatever you do, don’t let them pressure you to drink when you’ve made it clear you don’t want to. In fact, if they pressure you to drink, it indicates that you’re already starting out on different pages.

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