10 Signs You Might Be a Bad Partner

It’s much harder to notice our flaws than the flaws of our partners. Sometimes, even though you believe your partner is in the wrong, you might be the one who is causing all the unnecessary drama and fights. Take a moment and see whether you recognize yourself in any of these signs.

You Are Constantly Trying To Fix Them

A relationship should be about mutual respect and acceptance. Your main metric shouldn’t be trying to change your partner. The only person you can actually change is yourself, and you should stick to that.

You Expect Them To Be With You All The Time

It’s not healthy to expect your partner to spend a whole day with you. It’s natural for them to have some alone time, and you should allow them to do so.

You Are Never The First To Apologize

It can be hard admitting you were wrong; however, to make sure your relationship stays strong, you need to communicate your feelings. Therefore it’s important to let your guard down and be the one to apologize every once in a while.

You Are Too Jealous

Sometimes, there is a good reason for you to be jealous. However, if you are always highly suspicious of your partner and their intentions, the problem is likely yours.

You Flirt Too Much

When you are in a relationship, there are certain boundaries you shouldn’t be crossing. Unless you’ve agreed to it, you shouldn’t flirt with other people while in a relationship.

You Lie To Them

When they catch you in a lie, it can permanently damage their trust in you and the relationship. You shouldn’t be selfish and lie just because you want something to go your way.

You Are Never In A Mood For Anything

There might be days when you don’t feel like going out. However, if you are never in the mood to go out and do things with them, it can affect your relationship.

You Feel The Need To Control Everything

You shouldn’t be aiming to control the relationship. It’s not reasonable to always get your way.

You Aren’t Independent

It’s imperative to be independent in a relationship and not to rely on them for every little thing. You shouldn’t be in a relationship if you aren’t ready for it.

You Are Too Selfish

It’s healthy to put yourself first and to love yourself. However, you always need to have their feelings in mind.

  1. This should be titled, ” 10 Signs You Might Be a Bad Partner”, because I think it applies to both the man and/or woman in the relationship. 🤔😉

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