How to Become an Influencer

How can you become a social media influencer? You’ll find there’s an art and a science to becoming a full-time influencer, but the bottom line is that you’ll need to put in some hard work. Figuring out your niche and finding your audience is just the start. You’ll spend many hours crafting content to appeal to your followers, and the payoff comes with affiliate links and brand sponsorships. You can make your role as an influencer a successful side job or even full-time business with these tips. Just remember to grow your expertise and keep your voice authentic!

Grow Your Brand

Find a Focus

Think about something you love and make that your focus. Find new ways to own the subject. For example, if you are an actor or model who’s busy auditioning for gigs and spends your free time skateboarding, post about how your interest in the sport is helping you win jobs.

Use What You Have

You have at least one social media account, right? Make that account work for your new venture by using your full name or your new brand’s name as your handle. Get rid of old posts that don’t work to promote your new gig. Make sure your bio clearly identifies your area of expertise. No need to pile on extra social media accounts.

Make It a Business

Set up your Instagram account as a money maker by switching the Settings tab to “business profile” at no charge. This will allow you to start pulling in useful data.

Since you don’t own any of your social accounts, go buy a website named “your handle+ .com” as backup. If you lose your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and/or Facebook account, you’ll still be in business.

Build Your Community

Post Smart

Limit your posts to those that build your brand. If you’re a model, you can share insider tips on the best makeup or latest hairstyles. Leave off the food posts and cute cats that have nothing to do with modeling. Let your personality shine in your captions.

Post Consistently

Schedule your posts and commit to that schedule. Post at least once and as many as three times a day on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. Pick a certain time one day each week to upload about three videos on YouTube.

Use Hashtags

Help people discover you by including about 10 catchy hashtags in the first comment of your post. Don’t be afraid to write your own hashtags that others can use too.

Network with the Stars

Engaging with stars in your industry will pay off if they repost your content. You follow them and leave comments, and they return the favor. Soon their fans will discover you.

Take It to the Bank

Get Paid with Links

Start cashing in with affiliate links by establishing a free account with the Shop-Style Collective network. Follow the network’s directions to add a new link to a brand in your Instagram bio or YouTube video description. When someone clicks on the link, the brand will pay you.

Another option is becoming a member of Reward-Style. When someone buys through your Reward-Style affiliate link, you’ll earn a percentage of the item’s total cost. The affiliate brand can be expected to pay you between 5 percent to 20 percent.

Find Sponsors for Your Content

Find brands to sponsor your posts. Collect your engagement stats and follower count and then search your target’s website to find their marketing director. Approach the marketing director and tell them you want to create content for them to sponsor. Make it easy for them to say yes by pitching your ideas for content. You’ll find sponsorships once you’ve got 5,000 followers, and pay rates climb with your growing numbers.


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