The Ultimate Weekend Smart Packing List

Need to unwind without using up that hard-earned paid time off? A weekend trip is a perfect solution! But how do you avoid the stress of packing for just a few days? Keep reading for some pro tips.

First, let’s reflect on the purpose of your trip. Are you attending a party? Will you be dining in fancy restaurants? Will you be hiking? Beaching? As you refer to the list below, make sure to evaluate the extra specifics your weekend will require. Try to minimize your “just in case” items, but don’t forget that a jacket might be needed, even on a summer night.

Lets get packing! Here’s what you’ll need if you are going on a regular trip. Remember – when you are done packing, do a quick inventory check! A trick that really works – start at the top of your head – do you need a hat – and what hair products? Then down to your eyes. Need an extra set of contacts or some sunglasses? As you move down to your feet, you will be able to remember any items you might have forgotten about.

One Pair of Jeans or Shorts

Depending on the season, you’ll want to pack a pair of jeans or jean shorts. That’s right: just one pair. It’s unlikely that you’ll need multiple pairs of jeans in one weekend.

Two Pairs of Comfortable Shoes

One for day, one for night! If you will be walking around or sightseeing during the day, comfortable shoes are a must! These can be sandals, boots, sneakers, or whatever works for you. Just make sure they match as many outfits as possible.

Casual Tops (one per day)

Pair a casual tee or tank with your jeans or shorts for a daytime look. How many do you need? Just one per day (and maybe one extra if you’re prone to spills and stains).

A Dressy Top or Dress (one per event or dinner)

Going out? You’ll need something a little fancier. Pack one dressy top or dress, jumpsuit, or romper per upscale event on the agenda. Always try this garment on before packing to make sure it’s ready to go.

Underwear (one pair per day, plus one extra)

This goes without explanation…you need undies! Make sure you have a pair for each day, plus an extra pair in case of an unforeseen emergency.

Socks (depending on shoe choices)

Got sneakers or boots in your bag? Make sure you have socks to wear! This falls under the one-a-day rule as well.


Don’t forget to survey your packed clothing and make sure you have the appropriate bras. A T-shirt bra is a good bet overall, but you may also need a strapless or backless bra if your wardrobe calls for it.


You need something cozy for bedtime, so pack your favorite PJs or robe.

Phone Charger

This one goes without saying! How are you going to explore without Google Maps?


You can never be quite sure what an Airbnb will provide, so we recommend bringing along a small shampoo/conditioner combo that can also double as a body wash, some deodorant, and other daily routine essentials!


If you take prescription medication, don’t forget it at home! It’s also smart to bring along over-the-counter meds like Tylenol, Midol, or Allegra to avoid unnecessary trips to the drug store while you’re on vacation!

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