Six Carry-On Essentials for Your Next Flight

It doesn’t matter if you’re packing a backpack, tote, or a small piece of luggage: All that matters is what’s inside. We’ve put together a list of carry-on essentials for your next flight so you can be completely prepared!

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are great when you are hoping to sleep on a plane. The traditional U-shaped pillows work fine, but we recommend the Trtl pillow, which is like a fleece scarf with a support system built into it. It can also be used as a mask to protect you from germs!

Our Pick: Trtl Neck-Support Travel Pillow ($44.99, shop here)

Laptop Case

If you are traveling with your laptop, we can’t recommend a laptop case or sleeve enough. Not only will it protect your device, but it also makes it easier to carry and store things like your boarding pass, magazines, and tablet.

Our Pick: MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag ($15.99, shop here)


Flights can be tricky because a two-hour flight can feel like a five-hour flight if you don’t have something to pass the time. With an iPad, you’ll be able to watch movies, play games, listen to podcasts, and more. A Kindle Paperwhite is another great option for book lovers.

Our Pick: 2022 Apple 10.2-inch 64GB iPad ($329, shop here)

Travel Charger / Power Bank

Not all airlines provide USB ports to charge your devices. If you want to watch a movie on your flight, you’ll need a travel charger or power bank to charge your device.

Our Pick: Anker Portable Charger PowerCore Slim Power Bank ($21.99, shop here)


Headphones are a must-have for listening to podcasts, music, movies, and audiobooks. Apple AirPods have top-quality sound and don’t leak any noise. They are ideal for flights because you don’t have to worry about annoying passengers seated next to you. If you’re looking to buy a nice pair of high-quality wireless headphones with amazing sound, the Bose QuietComfort headphones are one of the best options.

Our Picks:

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) ($129, shop here)

Bose QuietComfort 45 Noise-Canceling Headphones ($329, shop here)


It’s important to bring some snacks to avoid going hungry. Many shorter flights don’t provide food, and the snacks on longer flights can be expensive. Consider bringing nuts, protein bars, and dark chocolate. Just be sure to get unsalted nuts because the salt will make you thirsty. You can find great snack travel options here.

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