Seven Nostalgic Foods That You May Have Forgotten About

Though it may have been ages since you last tried some of the food on this list, it’s likely that your taste buds will never be able to forget how warm and fuzzy they made you feel. Consider this article your round-trip ticket back to simpler times – the age of snack foods and TV dinners galore. Though our nutritionists may not approve of the culinary tastes we had in the past, a healthy stroll down memory lane is always welcome!

Magic Middles

These dangerously addicting cookies graced supermarket shelves sometime in the ’90s through the early 2000s. But, just as quickly as they appeared on the shelves, they quietly disappeared. The mystery of what happened to Magic Middles haunts us even to this day – but with fans of the chocolate-filled snacks expressing their longing for the snack, Keebler may just decide it’s time for a resurgence.

Altoids Sours

Let’s be honest: Did any of us actually snack on these to freshen our breath? The burn that came with sucking on an Altoids Sours has yet to be re-created by a candy today, much less something marketed as a mint. It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a decade since we’ve held the familiar powdery gems in our hands. Though it’s unlikely we’ll ever taste one again, we’ll always hold onto hope that Altoids hears our pleas and brings these tins back to the checkout lanes.

Hungry-Man TV Dinners

You may have first met this microwavable meal back when it was famously named “TV Dinner,” but regardless of whether you were acquainted before or after its rebranding, you could always count on a Hungry-Man meal to keep you full while mom and dad were working late nights. Though these are still on the grocery store shelves today, nothing will ever quite come close to the feel of the aluminum tray burning your hands or the taste of the cobbler dessert (that was always nice and cold in the middle).

Cap’n Crunch’s Choco-Donuts

We need to have a long talk with whoever okayed this breakfast cereal being discontinued. Sure, it held almost no nutritional value, and, yeah, maybe we shouldn’t have been loading up on pure sugar at 7 a.m., but isn’t that what childhood is all about? Cap’n Crunch had an entire “Oops!” line, but this double-chocolate, rainbow-sprinkled dream was undoubtedly the best way to start our days.

French Toast Crunch

While we’re on the topic of cereal, we’d like to remind you of the life, death, and rebirth of one of the most iconic breakfast treats of all time. Though it’s in the same family as Cinnamon Toast Crunch, French Toast Crunch was honestly in a league of its own. With the perfect blend of cinnamon sugar, we aren’t surprised there was a notable outcry when General Mills announced its decision to toss it aside. It took 11 years for the cereal mogul to really grasp the amount of distress that the public was in over its choice, and in January 2015, the familiar toast-shaped bites were back to their rightful homes in family pantries everywhere.


Look, we couldn’t tell you why these yogurt bites had such a chokehold on us, but we haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. Was it the texture, the portability, or the satisfying sour-sweet fusion that encapsulated in each morsel? Whatever it was, this candy was nothing short of magic. Though they were only available for five years, the impact that Yogos had was definitely unprecedented. Unfortunately, Kellogg’s isn’t planning on bringing this snack back, so we must bid it a tearful adieu.

Hershey’s Kissables

Yes, they were basically Kiss-shaped M&Ms, but these sugar-coated chocolate bites were the candy of choice for the three years they were offered. The richness of the chocolate, plus the subtle crunch of the candy shell, constantly had us coming back for more. And when they switched up the colors for Easter? Iconic. If any snack on this list deserves the #iykyk label, it’s this one. Kissables crew, unite!

Are there any other snacks from years past that deserve a final hurrah? Let us know in the comments below!

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