Perfect Ideas for a White Elephant Gift in 2021

If you have never participated in a White Elephant Gift Exchange, here’s a quick recap: Everyone in your group brings a wrapped gift to the event (usually with a price cap between $5 and $50); the presents are placed in a pile. Then, each participant draws a number. The person who draws #1 starts by selecting a gift from the pile and opening it. As the numbers go on, each individual can decide whether they want to open a new gift from the pile or steal one of the gifts that has already been opened by someone else. This continues until the last person selects their gift!

Here are some of our top picks for White Elephant gifts this year.

Truff Pasta Sauce Pack ($29.99, shop here)

You may have tried Truff’s hot sauce, but did you know the brand also carries pasta sauce? This two-pack includes the classic Black Truffle Pomodoro sauce and the spicy Black Truffle Arrabbiata sauce made with red chili peppers.

Ridley’s 1980s Music Trivia Card Game ($7.99, shop here)

Give a gift of music trivia! Even if you have a younger crowd, ’80s music is still very popular. You can start playing the game immediately after the gift exchange is over.

Instant Colorful Tea Latte Kit ($30, shop here)

These adorable tea latte kits allow you to make tea-flavored drinks in different colors and tastes. Simply drop a flavored square into water or milk for barista-inspired beverages!

Teaspressa Instant Champagne Cocktail Kit ($30, shop here)

This cocktail-making kit comes with sugar cubes that instantly turn a glass of Champagne into a mimosa or bellini! Choose the Citrus Trio (orange, grapefruit, and lemon) or the Peaches and Berries Trio (strawberry, raspberry, and peach).

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