Movie Couples That Wouldn’t Make It IRL

Fess up. Do you romanticize film and TV couples as obsessively as we do? Don’t worry – we’re not judging! It’s a painless way to satisfy our inner romantics. Unfortunately, it also keeps us from thinking critically about what these couples would be like in real life. Here are five fictional couples that probably wouldn’t make it to the long haul and why we think so!

Joel and Clementine (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

(image via imdb)

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen this one (can you get on that ASAP?). An original draft of the script revealed that Clem and Joel had erased each other from their respective memories multiple times. One breakup is more than enough, but their clashing personalities would sure seal the deal if they decided to give love another try.

Henry and Lucy (50 First Dates)

(image via imdb via columbia pictures)

We don’t even need to explain this one…right? Please don’t make us explain this one.

Troy and Gabriella (High School Musical)

(image via twitter via imdb)

Don’t hate us for this! Basketball star Troy Bolton and brainchild Gabriella Montez were cute high school sweethearts, but come time to join the real world, they likely wouldn’t make it very far. First, they’re about to start an LDR at the end of the last movie, which is yikes for a young couple, but their separate passions are sure to lead them on very different life paths.

Scott and Ramona (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)

(image via prime video)

Ramona would likely feel tied down by Scott soon after they walk to the door with a star on it. She’s a woman of change, and Scott is just…meek. It wouldn’t take long for them to realize they’re suited for different adventures.

Baby and Debora (Baby Driver)

(image via imdb via columbia pictures)

Let’s be real: Debora and Baby didn’t have enough time to form a true bond with one another before he got locked up. They were running on lust and adrenaline, and passionate as that may be, that’s not enough for Debora to turn a blind eye to the prospect of romance while he is serving time.

What other movie couples do you think wouldn’t make it in real life? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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