How to Live Cottagecore IRL

The Cottagecore aesthetic is inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life. It has taken over the internet, thanks to quarantine (and, of course, Taylor Swift’s Grammy-winning album Folklore). Imagine cozy fabrics, draping layers, earthy colors, and a minimalist type of feel.

Since we can’t travel to a countryside getaway, Cottagecore has been more daydream than reality for most of us – but you can still find ways to incorporate the aesthetic into your life in isolation. Here’s how to create a cottage retreat from the comfort of your own home.

Grow an Indoor Garden

Connecting to the earth beneath our feet is what Cottagecore is all about. Even if you live in the city, you can bring some of that rural magic to your home by growing an indoor garden. You don’t need a farmstead to start a garden; if you have a windowsill that gets good natural light, you have everything you need. According to The Spruce, flowers like begonias and African violets grow well indoors.

Make Your Own Food

Nothing could be less Cottagecore than picking up takeout. While running to the grocery store is inevitable, you can channel simpler times by becoming as self-sufficient as possible. You may not be able to grow all your fruits and vegetables, but you can try your hand at activities your great-great-grandmother might have enjoyed, such as baking bread, canning jams, or knitting.

Shop Vintage Fashion

The Cottagecore lifestyle isn’t complete without the right look. Long flowing dresses and skirts in gingham and linen, wide-brimmed sun hats with ribbons, dirt-scuffed Mary Janes – these vintage fashion trends are the epitome of Cottagecore life. If you need more fashion inspiration, look into the Japanese style called “Mori Kei,” often hailed as Cottagecore’s predecessor. Women who live by Mori Kei try to dress like they just walked out of a forest at all times. What could be more Cottagecore than that?

Pour Yourself Some Tea

Cottagecore encourages us to slow down and enjoy the moment. A ritual we abandoned here in the United States that invited us to relax is afternoon tea. It doesn’t get much cozier than sipping a cup of hot tea by the fireplace, but in a culture that values productivity over relaxation, we’ve forgotten about these small comforts. Cottagecore is about embracing them again – so, go ahead. Make yourself a pot of afternoon tea and slow the heck down.

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