Four Tips for Minimizing Social Media Usage

If you’re like us, you know that experience of getting sucked into a social media rabbit hole every time you feel bored or need a distraction. If it happens occasionally, it may not be cause for concern, but if you are spending hours on social media every day – and this exposure negatively impacts your mood or mental health – it could be a problem. Here are a few tips to help you keep your social media usage in check.

Move Apps

You may visit social media sites by habit due to the ease of accessing the apps. For example, when you see the icon every time you unlock your phone, you’re more likely to click it – even unconsciously. If you want to cut back on your social media use, try moving the icons away from your home screen. Out of sight, out of mind!

Set Timers

If you find yourself lost in your social media for hours on end, slowly cutting back on the amount of time you spend on these sites can help ease you out of this pattern. For instance, if you often spend an hour using a certain app, set a timer for 45 minutes, then close the app when the timer goes off. You can continue doing this in smaller increments until you’ve reached your desired time limit. Several productivity apps, such as RescueTime, can automatically monitor your time spent on certain websites.

Turn Off Notifications

Notifications act as reminders to visit a social media platform, check on the status of a new post, view comments and likes, etc. When you turn those notifications off, the urge to visit the site lessens. This means you’re only logging in on your own terms, not because a push notification compelled you to do so.

Post Less Often

Of course, if you are frequently posting on social media, you are spending increased time on the platforms. When you decrease the frequency of your posts, you will be less likely to check them. Bonus: Enjoying experiences without the tether of your social media persona can be a freeing experience.

Do you have any tips for cutting back on social media use? Share them with us in the comments below!

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