Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Decorating can be a challenge when you’re living in a small apartment or dealing with an awkwardly small room in your house. How can you fit everything into your space without it looking cramped? Here are some tips for decorating small spaces.

Consider the Flow

When you start planning the decor for your small space, focus on functionality and movement. To maximize floor space, try using floating furniture versus more traditional pieces. For example, floating wall shelves are a great alternative to bookshelves or nightstands.

Use Folding Furniture

Sometimes we need certain pieces of furniture, but they aren’t things we use all of the time. For example, folding furniture such as wall desks or lift-top coffee tables can be stowed when not in use, keeping your space tidy.

Get Rid of Clutter

When you’re planning a small space, be picky about what you add and keep. If something isn’t functional, it’s got to go! Removing items that don’t belong is vital to keeping the space from looking cluttered.

Cohesion Is Key

In a small room, you can see a lot of the decor at once. That means everything in that space should go together. The easiest way to achieve this is by deciding on a color palette and sticking to it.

Size Your Rug Right

If you’re bringing in a rug, pay attention to its dimensions. A small rug in a small room can emphasize the lack of space. Instead, opt for a larger rug that allows most of the room’s furniture to sit on it.

Don’t Underestimate Lighting

Small spaces tend to have small windows – or sometimes none at all! If there’s a lack of natural light, be sure to counteract it without eating up precious floor space. Instead, look to your ceiling for innovative lighting options. You can also use table lamps or wall-mounted lights. Another way to brighten up a room is by using mirrors, which can reflect the light that is present around the room.

Decorating in tight areas can be a fun challenge, so keep these tips in mind as you tackle your next home project.

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