Cookbook Club 101

Are you a foodie? Do you love to cook and discover new recipes? A cookbook club may be the social engagement missing from your calendar. In this article, we’ll discuss what a cookbook club is, how it works, and how you can start your own.

What Is a Cookbook Club?

A cookbook club is exactly as it sounds: a group of people getting together to prepare, eat, and discuss recipes from a cookbook. The best part is there is no wrong way to host a cookbook club. You can meet as often as you like! You may opt for a potluck-style gathering where members make food at home beforehand, or you can prepare large batches of several recipes, making enough for everyone to try. Over a meal or small bites, you can discuss the taste, preparation, thoughts about the cookbook theme, and more.

How to Start a Cookbook Club

There is no right or wrong way to start a cookbook club, but here are some pointers.

Choose Your Members

Consider who you want to join your cookbook club. Which friends like to cook? Who likes to try new things? Who likes a challenge? Choose a group of around 6-8 people who share common values.

Create a Virtual Home Base

Whether it’s a private Facebook group, a group chat, or a shared document, create a virtual area where members can check in, chat, ask questions, and confirm details.

Set Rules and Boundaries

Deciding on rules isn’t the most fun, but it is necessary for keeping a cookbook club in order. Consider how often you want to meet, how to select the cookbooks, what dietary restrictions exist among the group, who will host, what cleanup looks like, and any other details. These rules should be posted within the virtual group as a friendly reminder.

It’s Not That Serious

A cookbook club is supposed to be enjoyable – nobody expects you to prepare food like a professional chef. Mistakes will happen because you’ll be trying new methods and ingredients. The experience is part of the fun!

Tips for a Successful Cookbook Club

Here are some additional tips for ensuring your group is successful.

  • Set expectations upfront. This way, nobody can say they weren’t aware of the rules.
  • Decide on hosts and cookbooks ahead of time and post them in the virtual group in case anyone needs a refresher.
  • If not everybody has a copy of the cookbook, bring it to the meeting beforehand so everyone can flip through and select their recipes.

Cookbook Recommendations

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite cookbooks.

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes From Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen ($24.95, shop here)

If your cookbook club has a lot of personality, consider Snoop Dogg’s cookbook, which includes recipes such as Baby Got Back Ribs, Spaghetti de la Hood, and Go Shawty It’s Your Birthday Cake.

As Cooked on TikTok ($19.99, shop here)

With a foreword by Gordon Ramsay, this cookbook features over 60 trendy recipes, including Ramen Carbonara, Grilled Jalapeño Corn Off the Cob, Strawberry Cream Puffs, and more.

The Hungover Cookbook ($10, shop here)

Even if you aren’t hungover, you can enjoy comforting recipes like potato hash with avocado and bacon; Anna and Tommy’s Mexican Breakfast; and the Elvis Presley Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon sandwich. There are also games, jokes, hangover facts, and more.

The Vintage Baker ($24.95, shop here)

This cookbook features over 50 vintage (1920s-1960s) recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, bars, and more. It also includes informative headlines detailing the recipes and how they were tweaked to perfection – which, coincidentally, makes for great book club conversation.

Go-To Dinners: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook ($35, shop here)

We had to include a cookbook from the queen herself, Ina Garten, and what better option than one that provides crowd-pleasing go-to recipes? It even includes breakfast-for-dinner options!

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