Bugging Out: Essential Oils That Get Rid of Pests In Your Home

Bugs are the worst, especially if you’re finding them within the confines of your home. The occasional insect isn’t a big problem, but when you’re constantly discovering new creepy crawlies, things can feel a little overwhelming.

This is around the time you turn to an expensive exterminator. But, before you resort to that last step, here are a few essential oils that will help you get rid of the pests taking over your house.

Learn to Love the Smell of Peppermint

If you’re an essential oil lover who just so happens to love peppermint, you’re in luck! Make sure you grab your peppermint essential oil, then add about 15 drops of it into a cup of water. Shake the mixture in a spray bottle and start spreading that potent smell by spraying entry points of your house (you should hit window-sills, doors, vents, and any areas on the outer perimeter of your house that you notice bugs hang out). Allow the mixture to dry, and repeat once a week. Caution – essential oils can stain carpets and wood, so do a spot test before spraying anywhere that can stain.

Don’t want to spray your walls/nooks and crannies? Place a few drops of the essential oils on cotton balls, and leave in the corners of your home.

Peppermint repels spiders and ants, though is also known to keep away mosquitoes and mice, so if any of these pests have been a problem in your home, this is a great first step to test. Worst case, even if it doesn’t work, your house is going to smell minty fresh.

Lavender is More Than Just a Pretty Color

For this quick remedy, you can either utilize essential oils or rely on dried lavender itself – totally up to you. Either way, lavender is a scent that has been said to repel flying irritants such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths. And, if you’ve got pets, it’s also said to repel fleas.

To use lavender essential oil to its fullest potential, about 10 drops in a cup of water will do. Again, you’ll shake the mixture in a spray bottle and spread it in your problem areas, which tend to be decks, garages, and occasionally kitchens. If you’re using dried lavender, the solution is best utilized in closets, cabinets, and pantries where moths are likely to infest.

Lemongrass is a Mosquito-Repelling Must

Having trouble spending any time in your yard because of the terrible mosquitoes that have taken it over? Not to worry, lemongrass essential oils are here to save the day!

Lemongrass is a leading essential oil for repelling mosquitoes (though for this bug specifically, you can also use eucalyptus, citronella, and the previously mentioned lavender). A few drops in an 8-ounce spray bottle should do the trick. If you want to get fancy with your DIY mosquito repellent, even keeping a diffuser or scented candle on the deck when you’re outside will help to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Fleas, Ticks, and Lice All Fear Tea Tree Oil

Have a tick problem? Learned about a lice infestation at your child’s school or daycare? Have a pet with fleas? The answer to all of the above is tea tree oil. If you have a diffuser at home, dropping in some tea tree oil will destroy (or suppress) the growth of these parasites.

You’ll need more drops than you may expect, as a total of 10 drops will get the job done in your diffuser. Note – topical application to human skin is a great way to get rid of parasites as well, though should never be utilized for your pets. Dogs, for example, should never have direct contact with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can also be harsh on the skin, so always dilute and test on your wrist before applying it all over your skin.

Pest control doesn’t have to be a mass-murder project. Instead, these natural deterrents will keep insects out of your home while simultaneously helping you avoid hunting down and killing every last one of them, Liam Neeson style. If, however, the problem is bigger than you can handle, when all else fails, the exterminator will still be available to take your call.


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