6 Simple DIY Storage Ideas For Your Small Space

The way to live in a compact space efficiently is to utilize every square inch. Storage is always a concern, but instead of spending a fortune on dressers and fancy looking organizers, you can tackle the project on your own. Not only does this help you save some money, but it allows you to customize it to your space. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your space.

High Shelves

If you look around your room, you’ll see that the most vacant part of your room is the top of the walls and the ceiling. It’s not where you’d typically think to store things, but this is a superb place for you to put shelves that can border the room. Fill them with books, decor, pretty glassware, and more.

Door Hangers

Command strip hooks (Click Here) are about to be your new best friend. Another underutilized piece of space is your door, especially on the inside of a cabinet. Use them to hang cleaning supplies, hand towels, and more under the sink in the bathroom or kitchen. These hooks work with adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about having to use nails.

Clothing Curtain Rings

The little rings used to hold your shower curtain can serve a second purpose. By loading them up on a hanger, you can store scarves, ties, and even tank tops. This way, it’s not only taking up less space, but you can see them all on display.

Reusing Old Jars

Old jars can serve many storage purposes. After soaking them to remove the labels, you can decorate them with paint and labels to serve as stylish kitchen utensil holders. Similarly, you can empty jars and label them to hold different dry goods. Instead of keeping flour or sugar in a paper bag that’s about to fall apart, store it in a stylized jar. Anything you think of can be stored in there – art supplies, crafting tools, and more!

Floating Mason Jars

Now, if you want those jars not to take up counter space, consider making them ‘float.’ First, you will need to puncture a hole in the lid of a jar. You can do this with a screw and hammer. Next, find the horizontal surface you want your jar to hang from and screw the lid into it. Now your jar will twist right in and stay put! This is also a fantastic way to display your spices in the kitchen.

Handle Jewelry Holder

One cute way to display your jewelry and to keep them untangled is to make a board out of door handles. Collect an assortment of vintage, found, or store-bought handles for this project. Mount them onto a piece of painted or stained wood, and now your jewelry can hang from there!

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