When Should You Take a Step Back From Working Out?

Pushing yourself to achieve your fitness goals is an admirable trait, but there is such a thing as overdoing it. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the warning signs that you may be pushing too hard and need to take a step back from your workouts.

You’re Getting Injured

Injuries can arise from mistakes, but often they are a result of pushing yourself past your limit. While it’s always good to push yourself in a workout, it’s another thing to push yourself to a literal breaking point. If a move feels too complicated for you, or your body is otherwise telling you it’s too fatigued to continue, listen to it. Your body will tell you what it is capable of.

Your Body Isn’t Ready

Listening to your body is the most important thing when it comes to working out. So, if you’re recovering from an injury or your body is telling you it’s not ready for the next step, listen to it. Your body’s capabilities can fluctuate. Just because you could reach the deepest stretch in yesterday’s yoga practice doesn’t mean you’ll get to the same point today. If your body is telling you its limit, don’t ignore it.

You’re Becoming Frustrated

Have you ever started a guided workout video and given up halfway through? Did you quit because you were frustrated that you weren’t capable of doing an exercise? When you feel yourself hit that point, it’s time to step back. Rather than getting down on yourself, think of ways to build up the strength you’ll need to do the exercise and set realistic goals for getting there.

You Dread Your Workout

Whether you’re an avid athlete or an exercise beginner, if you dread your workout, it’s time to start changing things up. Don’t give up entirely; just make sure you choose an exercise plan that interests and excites you. For example, avoid running if you can’t stand it and instead sign up for a dance class. The bottom line is that you should feel good and look forward to your workout.

Everyone’s workout capabilities will differ depending on their body type and physical ability. So listen to your body, and pay attention to those warning signs that you’re pushing yourself too far.

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