The Importance of Body Positivity

Being body positive is just a convoluted way of saying love your body, exactly as it is, regardless of what other bodies look like. Society has a detrimental way of showcasing what it deems “normal.” Why exactly is body positivity so important? This breakdown sheds a little light on the issue.

It Allows Us to Challenge Society

Society can mean many things. Whether it’s your favorite magazine, television ads, or even the people around you, odds are you’re surrounded by a corporate idea of beauty. This is why challenging these ideals is so important. Just because a magazine says a size 0 supermodel is cover-worthy, that doesn’t mean that every woman should strive to look like her, or if they don’t, that they’re not beautiful.

Body positivity means that regardless of your weight, shape, size, skin color, or complexion, you are uniquely beautiful and should feel confident in that beauty and accept everything you are. Once you achieve that, your life truly begins.

It Redefines What’s Realistic

It’s no secret that Hollywood and the media have unrealistic beauty standards, both for men and women. Holding any individual to these standards is detrimental in so many ways because they aren’t exactly achievable (we all know that models and actresses are photoshopped in magazines).

While we’re not negating the beauty of celebrities, we’re calling attention to what is and is not achievable, thus attempting to remove that pressure from those of us who aren’t paid to be pretty.

It Promotes Confidence and Acceptance

There is nothing sexier than confidence, but confidence can be impacted by factors out of someone’s control. For instance, the way individuals around you talk about you can impact how you feel about yourself.

Body positivity works to empower each person as they are. The goal here is not to incite any physical change—it’s about emotional change. The goal is for everyone to feel good about themselves. The moment you can look at someone else and feel empowered by their self-love is a moment so rich, you’ll be craving more.

It’s a Positive Step in the Battle of Negativity

Last but not least, body positivity directly combats negativity. We are living in a world in which social media is king. Individuals are confident hiding behind their keyboards and demeaning individuals based on their looks (among other things).

Body positivity is in direct opposition to that sentiment. By being positive towards yourself and others about the way you/they look, you’re already taking a big step in the right direction for a more positive (and subsequently less negative) world.

When it comes down to it, being confident in the skin you’re in has grown more challenging, especially in the age of such prominent social media. Understanding body positivity and applying it in your everyday life makes the world that much more understanding, warm, and accepting—and that’s never a bad thing.


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