October Self-Care Challenge: 7 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Month

We couldn’t be happier that people are finally starting to take a little step back to focus on their well-being! While there’s nothing wrong with spending an entire day in the tub, we believe there’s a complete approach to self-care. Below are seven ways you can practice self-care this month.


Start by de-cluttering your living space. Begin with a closet or a drawer. Tackle anything you feel has been unorganized for too long, and donate anything you don’t wear or use anymore. It’s such a simple way to feel more at ease with your space, knowing where everything is and what you truly need. Do that one thing you’ve been procrastinating for too long on.


We tend to be very social and dependent creatures. So, start by making a nice meal to enjoy with your partner or friend! Give lots of compliments and tell your friends and family how much you care about them and what they mean to you.


Take a break from your hectic life to meditate and focus on your Zen space. Practice yoga and breathing or write down your hopes and dreams. Concentrating on your inner-self can be a soul charging experience, so you’ll want to practice often. Do some research on Chakras and how to balance them within yourself – you may thank us later!


It’s essential to take care of every aspect of yourself, and your brain is no exception. You could try something as simple as watching a documentary, listening to an inspiring podcast, or just reading a book. It’s vital for your well-being to keep your mind active and hungry for knowledge.


Start by getting up every morning and reciting a positive affirmation. Or write down your long- and short-term goals. A key to a long, happy life is to focus on your well-being, conquer what stresses you, and lessen your insecurities. Keep your soul-inspired to lead a healthy life!


Allow yourself a digital detox at least once a month. Disconnect from the outside world, and do what makes you happy! Watch your favorite movie, or have your favorite meal. Laugh, create, or even draw! Focusing on what makes you happy, even just for an evening, will help feed your soul, keeping you satisfied and content.


Indulge in a spa day in the comfort of your own home. Take care of your body by exercising and avoiding sugary and unhealthy food. Pamper yourself and HYDRATE!

  1. Thank you for this kind reminder! Our world needs to be a little nicer to one another! It’s the only way we can win!

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