Can Blue Light Damage Your Skin?

Blue light wasn’t always such a problem. And, the amount emitted from our devices is only a fraction of what we take in from the sun. But with the increased time that we spend in front of our devices, it makes sense to study the potential risks.

According to some findings, blue light can cause problems such as eye strain, dry eyes, cataracts, and can even affect age-related macular degeneration. Blue light may even change hormone production, leading to an imbalance that could lead to sleep disruption. These side effects could be linked to skin damage: Eye strain can cause you to squint more, leading to wrinkles, while poor sleep could cause dull skin, dehydration, and more.

Beyond these secondary effects, does blue light directly damage the skin? Unfortunately, this research is still in its early stages, so there isn’t enough proof to say for sure. Dr. Jason Bloom, an award-winning plastic and reconstructive surgeon, told Everyday Health, “The penetration of visible blue light through the skin can cause reactive oxygen species, which then can lead to DNA damage and breakdown of our collagen and elastin fiber.” On the other hand, some dermatologists use blue light to treat skin conditions like acne.

If you are concerned about the effects blue light can have on your skin, your best bet is to cut down on screen time. If you work in a digital space, that can be hard, but, there are solutions, including using a screen protector to block or dim the light coming from your device. Using headphones or your speakerphone so your device isn’t up against your face can also help, and if you spend a lot of time staring into your computer screen, theres some great blue light glasses – shop (here).

There may be skincare marketed toward protection from blue light, but because it is new, the evidence of its effectiveness simply isn’t there. Using sunscreen with titanium dioxide should also protect you from any further skin damage. Yes, you read it right, wearing sunscreen is always your best bet.


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