Birth Control: A List of Reasons Why Women Use It

Outside of the obvious reason a woman would go on birth control, it also has many added benefits. Here is a list of reasons women use birth control that have little to do with preventing pregnancy.

Regulate Painful Periods

We don’t know anyone who likes dealing with cramps every month. Many birth control methods, including oral contraceptives, the patch, and the ring, prevent ovulation, which means the uterus makes less of the cramp-causing chemical prostaglandin.

Lighter and More Regular Periods

Getting rid of cramps is awesome, but there’s another thing that birth control helps with: making periods lighter and more regular. If you have a heavy period that likes to show up unexpectedly, talk to your doctor about getting on birth control.

Eliminate Hormonal Acne

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s note that birth control was never designed to treat breakouts. However, it just so happens that it does. A woman’s body naturally produces both feminine and masculine hormones, and the excess of “male” hormones can lead to acne and breakouts, but the right BC can help counteract them.

Reduces Menstrual Migraines

Some women are prone to getting migraines during menstruation. In fact, everything that happens during that time of the month can trigger headaches. For this reason, medical professionals lean toward birth control that causes skipped periods, such as implants, IUDs, or continuous pills. Contact your doctor for more information to find the right BC to eliminate menstrual migraines.

Reduces Risk of Uterine Cancer

Take the short-term benefits out of the equation and bring on the long-term benefits, like reducing your risk of uterine cancer. Experts say a combination BC pill can cut the risk in half! Speak with your doctor on the specifics, like how long you’ll have to take the pill to reap these benefits. Some combos are also thought to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.


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