Tiny Magnets Are a False Eyelash Game Changer

The quest for longer, fuller eyelashes without the use of harsh glues has created a boom of interest in magnetic eyelashes. Magnetic lashes are falsies that promise to free us from the messiness of adhesive glue and gummy residue left on your natural lashes. Their secret is in tiny magnets that hold the false lashes to each other and to your natural lash line. Magnetic lashes come in a range of different styles from bold and glamorous to subtle and natural. Some are made of human hair while others are synthetic. Many are reusable.

Learning to apply magnetic lashes is relatively simple but takes some practice, so plan to devote a little time to perfecting your technique. First, trim each lash strip for a natural fit along your lash line just as you would for glued false eyelashes. Magnetic lashes line up on your natural lash line for a perfect application every time once you make sure you’ve got them right on the lash line. Make sure to apply a thin coat of mascara to your natural lash to give the magnetic lashes something to grip onto.

Ardell Accents 001 Magnetic Lash$12Walmart and $14Ulta

Four magnets hold impressively when you sandwich your natural lashes between the two full-lash strips made with 100 percent human hair. You’ll place the upper strip across the top of your lash line and the bottom strip beneath your natural lash line. The magnets lock the strips in place. Accent lashes are held in place by three magnets.

Don’t remove Ardell’s magnetic lashes by pulling them straight off. This could do damage to your natural lashes. Instead, gently lift the top lash strip up and pull the bottom strip down to pull them apart. You may want to experiment by sliding the top and bottom magnets away from each other one at a time.

Eylure Luxe Magnetic Opulent Accent Lashes, $17Ulta

Click these handmade and reusable lashes on with the applicator and simply rub them off to remove. 

Love Lash Magnetic Faux Lashes, $40, Credo Beauty

Pick the Abundant Collection for lashes that give you a thicker, more accentuated lash line that’s perfect for a night out. Choose the Abundant Zen Collection for a reserved, natural look that’s perfect for everyday glam.

One-Two Cosmetics Magnetic Lashes – Runway Lash, $69hsn.com

These synthetic magnetic lashes are pricey but reusable. They come in full strips with an applicator that resembles tweezers. Half lashes to accent the outer corners of your eyes are included as well.

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