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If you’re considering changing up your hairstyle, we recommend taking a look at these hair trends that our favorite celebrities and influencers are rocking! But the latest styles are not really new at all. They are actually some of the trendiest hairstyles from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Let’s Talk About Mullets

Did you ever dream that the hairstyle we mock in every old family photo would make a comeback? The movie Joe Dirt said it best, “It’s business in the front and party in the back!” If you want to rock this “best of both worlds” hairstyle like our girl Miley Cyrus, find some courage and head to the salon. Make sure to tell your stylist that you want plenty of shag. The layers are key to this reborn classic!

Curtain Bangs

While this style might give you flashbacks to the bad haircut you inflicted upon yourself as a young child, don’t knock it until you try it again. Short, wispy curtain bangs are all over the internet (hello, Dixie D’Amelio). They are easy to cut, and they grow out nicely.

Try These Blondes

Blonde hair is a trend every summer, but this year there’s a twist! Pack up your purple shampoos because platinum is not the vibe. For the latest trend, you want a golden blonde resembling sweet local honey.

But wait – there’s more! A second trend you’re sure to see this year is strawberry blonde.

Pastels and Vivid Colors

During quarantine, you may have adopted a funky new hair color. Now that we’re finding more normalcy, it’s time to debut it to the world! All-over blues, hot pink bangs, and Billie roots are here to stay.

Alongside these hair color trends is a new variety of nontraditional hues: pastels. If you can handle the bleach, cold showers, and upkeep, please color your whole head pastel pink or cotton-candy blue ASAP!

Chunky Highlights & Money Pieces

What’s a money piece? It’s a big chunky highlight right next to your face. On brunettes with balayage, it’s those front-and-center pieces on either side of the head that introduce blonde into the mix. This is on-trend right now, not only for blonde varieties but for fun colors as well.

Another reintroduced trend is being paired with the money piece in 2021: ’90s-esque chunky highlights. This combo is a fun trend to try if you’ve ever dreamed of being Rachel from the hit sitcom Friends.

Waves + Layers = Winning Combo

You already know that shag is back in a big way. But you don’t need a mullet to rock shag! Instead, pair longer shaggy layers with loose waves.

Whether you’re seeking bold cuts and colors or more classic hair looks, the year 2021 has a trend for you. Just remember: Coloring can cause damage, and cutting can’t be reversed. So, as you consider which of these trends to try, keep in mind what you might want next! Want to go big? Buy a wig that looks like the look you want – wear it for a week before deciding to take the plunge!


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