How to Get Out of a Makeup Rut

Are you in a makeup rut? It’s okay, a lot of us have been there. We start with a look we love, but it becomes our go-to look again, and again, and again. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to change things up, where do you even begin? Here are some tips for getting out of a makeup rut.

Look at What You Have

Before you invest in new makeup, take a second look at your collection. Do you have an eyeshadow palette you’ve barely touched? A lipstick color you’ve never worn? If they are still in good condition, consider adding them to your makeup routine. While you’re at it, toss any products that are expired or crumbled. It is time to replace them with something new.

Watch YouTube Videos

Visit YouTube or other video sites for new makeup ideas and tutorials. If you’ve been doing a cat-eye look for ages, try a halo or smoky eye. Find content creators who have a similar skin tone or eye shape as you. This can help you narrow down what you think might suit you best.


The great thing about makeup is that it is temporary. Instead of trying your first attempt at a new eyeliner before a big meeting, try it at the end of the day before removing your makeup. This gives you a chance to practice and find colors that look good on your skin. You can see what you like – or what you might laugh at yourself for trying.

Take Selfies

Whenever you try a new makeup look, take a selfie. Try different poses and lighting. Then, when you are deciding which look to go with on your next date or night out, you can look back at your photos and choose what you think is the most flattering.

Buy Something New

If your makeup collection is feeling lackluster, go out and treat yourself to something new. You don’t need to spend hundreds; plenty of high-quality makeup brands have affordable price tags. Just adding one or two new products can help break you out of a makeup rut.

Go to a Professional

If you don’t know a lot about makeup, you can always seek the help of a professional. Visit the beauty counters at your local Sephora or department store or make an appointment to have your makeup done. Ask the makeup artist to let you know what products they recommend and how to apply them so that you can replicate.

Ask a Friend

Whether your friends are makeup experts or not, they will let you know what they think would look amazing on you. Plus, they’ll be honest. You could even offer to do each other’s makeup to see how you differ in preferences and application. You can learn from each other while finding new inspiration!

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