Do You Like the Makeup You’re Wearing?

Just pause and think about this for a second: Do you like the makeup you’re wearing? This might seem like a weird question, but it is an important one that not enough people ask themselves.

Wearing makeup is a choice. Whether you want a smoky eye or a no-makeup makeup look, it’s all up to you! It is like your clothes or your hair; it is an extension of who you are. It makes a statement.

But are you wearing a winged eyeliner because you feel like people expect it? Are you wearing a cakey concealer because it is a best-seller? Are you wearing false lashes because someone made a comment about your natural ones? If so, stop it! Try something new if you’re bored! You don’t need to follow the latest trends or shop from the most popular brands. As long as you like the makeup you’re wearing, it isn’t wrong.

Makeup isn’t about conforming or making others comfortable with how you look. Some days, it can make you feel awake and refreshed. Other days, it can be artistic and fun. But whatever makeup you wear, it should make you feel good about yourself.

Enjoy your trips to the makeup store. Roam around. Try new colors and textures. For you, changing things up means a slightly tinted lip balm – or perhaps it is a cobalt-blue eyeliner. Whatever it may be for you, go ahead and do it.

There is so much to discover in the world of makeup. So don’t let pop culture, trends, your friends, strangers, or anything else stand in your way of enjoying the makeup you’re wearing!

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