Cosmetic Looks to Try This Spring

As the seasons change, so do trends – and not just in fashion. Makeup trends shift as well! This spring, we are seeing plenty of dewy finishes, bold shades, and accessories (think: Euphoria eye gems). Here are some of our favorite makeup trends of the season and tips for how to wear them!

No Makeup

The no-makeup trend isn’t about wearing no makeup; it’s about looking natural rather than rocking a full face. To pull off this look, keep it light. Start with a moisturizing SPF to give yourself a healthy glow. Then add light cream or liquid concealer and foundation. Light coats are key, as they let natural freckles and flushes shine through. If you need more coverage, apply a very soft layer of blush or bronzer. Just be sure to concentrate them on areas of the face that the sun would naturally hit. Top off the look with a brow product that fluffs them (so they look natural), then apply just enough mascara to make yourself appear awakened.

Bright Eyes

In contrast to the no-makeup trend, neon eyes are also becoming very popular – probably in part due to the bold and bedazzled eye makeup seen in season two of HBO’s Euphoria, not to mention fashion runways and celebrities like Megan Fox. To try the look, grab your brightest eyeshadow palette and swipe a few bright shades over your lids. Or, use a neon liquid liner to draw a new kind of cat eye! Don’t forget the primer, which makes bright shades even more vibrant.

Glossy Lips

The glossy lip trend can be natural – or amped up to the extreme. We’re seeing beauty gurus line their lips with natural shades and then apply shiny glosses. The result is added volume! To get the look, start with well-nourished lips. Exfoliate and moisturize before moving in with color or gloss. Sugar scrubs and lip masks will help.

Eye Embellishments

We’ve mentioned Euphoria alreadybut neon eyes aren’t the only looks this show has inspired! Eye embellishments like rhinestones are also on the rise. If you want to look like the show’s resident beauty queen, Maddy, grab some tiny holographic rhinestones and your go-to lash glue. You’ll want to apply a small amount of glue directly to the skin in the desired area, then use tweezers to set the stones. We recommend placing them as an outline to a colored cat eye, but more sporadic alignments work just as well.

Which of these spring makeup trends is your favorite?

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