Are Customized Skincare Routines Worth the Cost?

Aside from going to a dermatologist, there are few methods for finding a skincare routine that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your skin. Products specified for “dry” or “oily” skin don’t always provide the results we’d hope for as so many of us have skin that falls somewhere in the middle. Living with excessively dry or acne-prone skin makes matters even more difficult. There are very few products on the market that can isolate these issues while also targeting your skin’s overall needs.

Over the past couple of years, several brands have released products that help in building a customized skincare routine to suit your skin, its specific needs, and target areas.

Some of these brands even offer prescription-level quality ingredients that contain powerful and effective components.

So, are these products worth the higher price tag? Let’s explore.

Curology (Shop here)

Curology is a simple and gentle skincare brand that arguably ranks as the most popular currently on the market. Their business model offers customers a personalized skincare routine that is decided on by a real dermatologist, who chooses the right products for you based on an online quiz you fill out. This quiz is quite extensive and covers potential allergies, irritants, skin type, and skin goals. It also allows for the user to upload photos of your skin so the dermatologist helping you can get as much information as possible.

By ordering this prescription-like treatment system, you can purchase a customized moisturizer, cleanser, body wash, acne spot treatments, and several other add-ons. The price for Curology products starts at around $30 and increases with the size and quantity of products.

One downside to this brand is that only one of the products is actually customized for you while the rest of what you pay for are products that are simply catered toward more sensitive skin types.

Curology is the most similar option on the market to a real dermatology appointment. If you’re looking for a specific personalized product mixed with more generic, but gentle, options, Curology is worth the cost. An upside to the cost is that it guarantees they will keep working to find a formula that works best for you if the first one (or few) don’t meet the mark.

Y’OUR (Shop here)

Y’OUR is a newer and more luxurious skincare brand. This company’s main focus is to produce clean and non-toxic ingredients for your skin. Their products are effective, but their system needs some work.

Unfortunately, their products’ ingredients are not listed and can only be acquired by reaching out to customer service. This is not an ideal situation for those who are looking for a convenient experience as it adds time to know what ingredients you’ll be putting on your skin. Despite this con, their products seem to work effectively.

Nearly all of the reviews for Y’OUR rave about how people saw a decrease in both wrinkles and acne scars.

A four-piece set from Y’OUR will run you anywhere between $65 to $100. Although their ingredients are high-quality, they’re also available at a lower price than other brands. You’re paying for the personalization component more than anything else. One major pro is that all their products come with SPF to help protect your skin from sun damage.

If you like doing your research on ingredients and finding what you know works for you, this may not be the brand for you. But, if you want to put your trust in the professionals it may be worth it.

Function of Beauty Skincare (Shop here)

Function of Beauty became popular a few years back when they launched their customized haircare line. Now, they’ve launched a follow-up model for customized skincare products. The packaging is stunning, the reviews are outstanding, and most importantly, the products are effective.

This is one of the personalized skincare routines that does not connect you with an actual person. Instead, their algorithm takes your answers from a questionnaire and matches you with the ingredients that will best suit you. And for an online algorithm, this one is pretty great.

The texture of these products have a more luxurious feel, but the price tag comes to match. For a customized set including a serum, moisturizer, and cleanser, you’ll find yourself paying roughly $120.

If your priority is luxury, along with effectiveness, this brand may be the best option for you.


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