Unique Holiday Date Ideas You’ll Remember Forever

Nothing makes the holiday season merrier and brighter like a new love interest. Whether you’ve been dating 3 months or 3 weeks, this time of year is perfect for finding ways to delight each other with quirky, festive dates. Don’t have any ideas, but wish you did?

Take a look at these unique ones that the two of you can do to create holiday memories forever:

1- Go to a Christmas Tree Farm: You and your sweetie can take half a day to go to a Christmas tree farm. Walk around and take a look at the variety of trees available. If you want, cut your own and take it home.

2 – Do volunteer work at a charity: Most people don’t think of date night and associate it with charity. But that doesn’t mean you and your love bird can’t start. Because its the holiday season, there are no shortages of places where you can go volunteer. Find a cause that the two of you would be proud of and go donate your time there. Your bond may become stronger than ever before.

3 – Go hang out a night or two at a long cabin where there’s a ‘no technology’ rule in place. This is perfect because you get to be in touch with nature and can enjoy bonding over activities like board games, cooking and more.

4 – Do you like karaoke? Stop at your nearest karaoke bar where you will basically create your own Christmas themed concert. The idea here is to only sing Christmas themed songs.

5 – Watch a Christmas comedy show. You don’t just have to go to the same old traditional holiday shows like the Nutcracker. You can do your own fun thing by going to a comedy show!

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Jessica E. Williams

Jessica is a fun-loving free spirit. She's a writer that covers all sorts of genres. In her spare time, she's enjoying her family and contemplating the deeper meaning of life.

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