How To Spend Valentine’s Day With No Babysitter

Will you and your partner be spending Valentine’s Day this year with a plus 1, 2 or…3? Before kids came along, it was so easy to plan a Valentine’s Day date night. But now, depending on your financial situation, hiring a babysitter and paying for an extravagant date may not be in the budget. After all, if you and your partner both work, you probably pay for a nanny or daycare already. So, it’s understandable that you’re opting not to hire a baby sitter.

If you don’t have a babysitter and no idea how to celebrate,  don’t let it damper your V-Day vibes. You’ll just have to rely on creative ways to spend Valentines Day with the kids around.

Dress the Part
First things first, your look. No matter what you decide to do indoors, you have to look the V-Day part. This isn’t an excuse to lounge in sweats. It’s important that you take pride in your appearance so that it truly feels special.

Dinner at Home
You have dinner at home practically every night, so it may not seem like anything you can jazz up. But, you can. Prepare a cuisine that you’ve never prepared before.

Splurge on a Chef
For once, maybe you can splurge on a chef to come to your home and prepare a romantic dinner for you.

Star Gaze
After the kiddos have been tucked away, the two of you can go into the backyard or on the roof top and gaze at the stars.

Plan a Romantic Massage
Use some of your best lotions and give your guy a full body massage.

Play Bartender
Prepare some great cocktail recipes that the two of you can enjoy.

Play Hooky From Work
Work isn’t everything. Play hooky from work and spend that time with your partner. This is a great idea if you’re already paying for a baby sitter or nanny in the day hours. You two can use this time to just hang out.

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Jessica E. Williams

Jessica is a fun-loving free spirit. She's a writer that covers all sorts of genres. In her spare time, she's enjoying her family and contemplating the deeper meaning of life.

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