The Latest Accessories From TikTok

Most of us agree that one of the best places to be introduced to and inspired by the latest fashion trends is TikTok – and that includes jewelry, bags, shoes, and more. So, which accessories are trending on the app right now? Let’s review!

Pendant Necklaces

(image via @brooketcallahan)

There’s nothing like a statement necklace to make an outfit pop. The latest styles feature a simple cord chain offset by a large pendant, typically in the form of a heart, star, or flower. But don’t be afraid to explore jewelry with gems and other ornate objects. Tip: Consider the neckline of your garment when dawning your jewelry to ensure it’s the star of the show.

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Tote Bags

(image via @graciewiener)

As of late, the preppy East Coast brand L.L. Bean is seeing a spike in sales of its Boat and Tote canvas bags. Durable and versatile, the bag can also be monogrammed for a personal touch. The twist? Spearheaded by social media editor Gracie Wiener, Gen Z is turning the tide with the “Ironic Boat and Tote” trend, a calculated decision to embroider quirky and unconventional phrases to the once-simple staple. Tip: To further explore the movement and get inspiration for your very own embroidered bag, head to Ironic Boat and Tote.

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Charm Bracelets

(image via pinterest)

We’re calling upon the ’90s for this nostalgic accessory: Italian charm bracelets. For many, this forgotten accessory still resides in childhood jewelry boxes. But if you’re just getting started, here’s what you need to know. Upon purchase, all bracelets are composed of modular charms held together by an elastic band. Customization begins once the pieces are interchanged with personal charms that feature text and imagery. The charms are easily interchangeable, so explore the wide variety of sterling silver, gold, and matte finishes.

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