When Is the Right Time to Get Engaged?

If you ask 100 people the question, “When is the right time to get engaged?” you may get 100 different answers. Some may say you must date for a certain amount of time before popping the question. Others think that getting down on one knee is a no-brainer after essential questions regarding values and morals have been asked and answered. Others will throw away both of those ideals and tell you that the right time is when your heart tells you. Well, all three of those answers are technically correct: There isn’t just one right time to get engaged. However, here are questions to ask yourself to help you decide if you’re ready to take that next step.

Are You Both Ready to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level?

If you know your partner inside and out, you probably already know whether they’re ready to discuss marriage. Maybe you’ve brought it up in conversation before, or maybe you know exactly where they stand. There’s also the possibility that you’re scared to talk about getting married, which is also normal. Consider both of your feelings toward the matter. If you’re unsure, just ask.

Have You Gotten Through Rough Patches Together?

Every couple goes through ups and downs, fights, arguments, and rough patches. If you have gone through some hard times together and have come out the other side stronger, that’s a good sign that you are a strong team. Sometimes you have to disagree to grow. If you both know that, you may be ready for an engagement.

Do You Have the Same Shared Interests and Values

Marriage is meant to last a lifetime, which means you should be sure you share the same interests and values. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t need to agree on everything, but the important stuff should line up, like your idea of family and your morals, because at the end of the day, what matters to your future spouse should matter to you.

Have You Discussed Sharing a Last Name?

If you have talked about sharing a last name, it might be time to get serious about proposals and marriage. Even though modern brides don’t always change their names, this is still a valid topic to discuss. If a marriage custom like this is easily discussed, there’s no reason marriage shouldn’t be on the table.

Do You Discuss Big Life Decisions Together?

If you don’t make big life decisions or plans without consulting one another, it might be that you are entering the next phase of your relationship. This can include going back to school, changing career paths, or adopting an animal. Making a big decision together is a step in the right direction as far as marriage is concerned.

Do You Know About Each Other’s Past Relationships?

Knowing about your partner’s past relationships, including gross details you didn’t think you wanted to know, could signify you are ready to be engaged. Why? Because it means that you fully trust one another and understand what types of relationships they have had before you.

Are You Best Friends?

If your partner is your absolute best friend, you are more likely to have a successful marriage. We’re talking about the person you tell everything to, the good and the bad, the first person you call when you get a promotion or cry with when nothing is going your way. No matter how personal or private the subject is, if your partner is your go-to BFF, you may be ready to take the next step.

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