Online Dating: Red Flags to Look For

Online dating is the new norm, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to go out with any Tom, Dick, or Harry to see if they could be “the one.” While not everyone on the internet is out to get you, it’s still within reason to be cautious. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of red flags for you to look out for. If someone says, does, or has any of the below, it may be wise to steer clear!

Their Bio Encourages You to Add Them on Snapchat

If you see a profile that says, “I’m not on here often, add me on Snapchat instead,” think twice before swiping right. An urged Snapchat request usually means you’re down to get messages at 3 a.m. asking you to send a nude pic. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, chalk it up to a red flag.

Their Profile Has Limited Words and Photos

A lackluster dating profile with few words and photos is just lazy! If they can’t put in the effort to create a profile, will they put that effort into getting to know you? Fewer photos could also mean suspicious activity. Has this person stolen photos from someone else to get attention? That could very well be the case, especially if they all look similar.

They Call You Pet Names in the First Few Messages

Some people may enjoy a cute pet name here and there, but if they start calling you “babe” or “baby” just a couple of messages in, it’s a red flag. A person who doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall should not call you cutesy names. Who knows how many other people they’re using this tactic on!

Their Photos Look Heavily Filtered

Heavily filtered photos can also be very misleading for prospective daters. If you see super sparkly eyes, incredibly deep V-cuts, and ridiculously chiseled jawlines, it’s safe to some editing may have been applied. And, worse yet, these people may not even be real. Perfect images are hard to come by, so if you see a profile with only those, it may be best to look the other way.

They Are Holding a Fish

It sounds comical, but it is true! Take those fishing photos down if you want to grab someone’s attention! Holding a fish is a universally hated online dating symbol. Just say no.

Other Red Flags

  • If they’re embarrassed to have met on a dating app.
  • If they constantly respond with one-word answers.
  • If they have too many bathroom/gym selfies.
  • If they complain about certain “types” of people.
  • If their messages are overly sexual.
  • If they don’t want to meet in person.
  • If they’re consistently inconsistent.
  • If they’re looking for someone that “doesn’t take themselves too seriously.”
  • If they use the phrase “good vibes only.”
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