Things to Do Before Vacation to Make Your Return More Relaxing

Leaving for a vacation can cause anxiety, especially if you’re leaving your home in shambles. Give yourself a little peace of mind by completing these action items before departing for your getaway.


Before you leave for vacation, take the time to clean up so that your home is ready to settle back into when you return. Vacuum floors, wipe down surfaces, ensure everything is in its proper place, and remove unnecessary clutter (like all the clothes you decided not to bring on the trip!). The more effort you put in on the front end leads to that much more relaxation on the back end.

Do Laundry

If you’re going to a place where you won’t be utilizing laundry services, you’ll likely have a full load to wash, fold, and put away when you get home. Making sure all of your laundry is cleaned, folded, and put away beforehand minimizes the work that you’ll have to do upon your return – and the load from vacation can probably wait a few days!

Wash Dishes

There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home to a sink full of dishes – or a dirty dishwasher. Additionally, leaving a dishwasher full of dirty dishes increases the potential for a lingering smell. To avoid unwanted odors (and lessen the amount of work you need to do upon your return), take the time to wash and put away your dishes before you depart.

Buy Non-Perishable Quick Meals

Because you won’t want to buy any fresh food that will go bad while you’re away, you should stock up on some quick, easy, non-perishable meals such as boxed macaroni, canned soup, or a heartwarming frozen meal (yes, those actually exist!). This way, you have something to eat when you return before having to go grocery shopping to restock.

Regardless of your destination or the length of the trip, completing these action items before you leave ensures that all that’s left to do when you return is to sit back and reflect on the wonderful time you spent away, and it allows you to rest up before you have to head back to the office. Happy travels!

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