Self-Care but Make It Sustainable

The definition of self-care differs for everyone. It might be sinking into a nice bubble bath, applying a sheet mask, sipping a glass of wine, or taking a nap. Unfortunately, many self-care products are not eco-friendly. But good news: We’ve put together the following list of sustainable self-care products!

Silk Pillowcases and Sheets

Sleep is a vital part of your physical and mental health, so comfort and rest should be a self-care priority. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) recommends silk for bedding since its production requires less water, energy, and chemicals than many other fabrics – plus, it’s a renewable resource and is biodegradable! Silk sheets are cool and comfortable, while silk pillowcases are great for your hair, as the fabric doesn’t catch on and snap hair the way cotton can.

Our Pick: LilySilk 19MM 3-Piece Fitted Sheet Set ($209, shop here)

Sustainable Sheet Masks

We love a good sheet mask, but one-time use and toss-it paper masks aren’t exactly the best for our Earth. That’s why we love reusable sheet masks (such as those made from silicone). Add your own serums, and when you’re done, simply wash and pack away until it’s time for another mask treatment!

Our Pick: Honest Beauty Reusable Magic Silicone Sheet Mask ($14.99, shop here)

Eco-Friendly Candles

Many candles are made with chemicals which are added to create artificial scents and colors. While there are mixed studies on whether this is harmful to us long term, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Instead of heading to the big-name candle companies, support small businesses specializing in non-toxic and sustainable products candles made of soy or beeswax.

Our Pick: Sanari Sanam Candle with Pomegranate, Jasmine, and Rose Petals ($34, shop here)

Sustainable Sweatpants

There’s no better act of self-care than ditching your jeans for a soft pair of sweatpants. A lot of loungewear isn’t sustainable, using fabrics that contain plastics or coming from fast-fashion brands that use less-than-stellar production practices. Look for clothing brands that focus on quality and sustainability.

Our Pick: Tentree Wide-Leg Sweatpants ($68, shop here)

Beauty Without Plastic

Having the right beauty products can make or break a self-care ritual. But how do you find products with sustainable packaging? An easy answer is to search for brands that use materials other than plastic. Whether it’s a tin, cardboard, or glass container, it’s better for the Earth overall and less guilt for you.

Our Pick: EcoRoots Rosehip Facial Cream ($27, shop here)

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