Housekeeping Hacks

Maintaining a clean, uncluttered home is constant work! But these little things can make your housekeeping much more manageable.

Indoor Fly Trap ($35.99, shop here)

If part of your regular cleaning is catching pesky fruit flies that invade your kitchen searching for some freshly spoiled produce, this is a product you shouldn’t live without. It features triple trapping power, meaning it has UV light attraction, fans to suck bugs in, and glue to make them stick. The best part is that it doesn’t look like a bug trap.

Pet Hair Remover ($26.95, shop here)

We know you love your furry friend. But we also know you don’t love cleaning up the fur they leave behind! This pet hair remover is a must for a clean home! It rolls continuously to pick up hair and lint off furniture, floors, and more. It’s easy to empty, too: All you have to do is press the “release” button to open the waste compartment.

Grout Pen White Tile Paint Marker ($8.99, shop here)

Trying to clean dirty, discolored grout is an often impossible task. Yet clean, white grout makes all of the difference in the look of your kitchen or bathroom! That’s exactly why this narrow-tipped grout pen exists. Its cotton tip applies white paint to thin grout lines, instantly covering up to 150 feet of stained grout. When you’re done, it’ll be like you have a brand-new floor!

Underwear Drawer Organizer ($15.87, shop here)

These organization bins will make your sock and underwear drawers much neater and make putting clean clothes away a little easier. The space-saving modular boxes made from tear-resistant fabric fit perfectly in drawers, dressers, and shelves. The set includes six foldable organizers: two large squares, two rectangles, and two small squares.

Bamboo Cabinet Organizer ($6.99, shop here)

Much like messy drawers, things tend to disappear inside an unorganized cabinet! That is why organizers like this one are a must. With this sturdy, eco-friendly, easy-to-clean bamboo organizer, your plates, lids, dishes, and more will all have their own space. You can grab just one or opt for a pack of two or four.

Want to make keeping a clean home a little easier? Products like these will help you reverse messes and keep up on tidiness.

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