Holiday Crafts for Girls’ Night

It’s girls’ night out, but you don’t feel like going out to a bar or dinner? Try a girls’ night in with cocktails and crafts! Stumped on ideas? Below are some easy DIY holiday-themed crafts!

Christmas Wreath

For a DIY Christmas wreath, you’ll need to have a round metal wireframe, a hot glue gun, and glue. Then, use the supplies below to create a beautiful wreath to brighten up your door. If you’re decorating your home with non-traditional colors, make sure to pick out matching supplies for your wreath.

Wreath Supplies:

  1. Holiday ribbon
  2. Red berries
  3. Christmas flowers 
  4. Additional accent decorations 
  5. Wire cutters
  6. Florist wire

DIY Gnomes

Gnomes are another fun holiday craft. There are sock gnomes and yarn gnomes. Pick a style or do both. You’ll once again need some essentials, such as a hot glue gun and scissors, plus:

Sock Gnome Supplies:

  1. Wooden beads (for the nose)
  2. A large solid color sock
  3. A large patterned sock
  4. Styrofoam cones
  5. Piece of faux fur (for the beard)
  6. Beans or plastic pellets (to weigh down your gnome)

Yarn Gnome Supplies:

  1. White yarn (for the beard)
  2. Wooden beads
  3. Toilet paper tube (for the hat rim)
  4. Your choice in yarn color for the hat
  5. Optional accents

Menorah Project

You can create your own menorah using old wine bottles. Spray paint it to reflect your personality, match your home decor, or incorporate any themes that inspire you. You can also add accents with additional supplies to add a little more pop.

Menorah Supplies:

  1. Empty wine bottles
  2. Spray paint (color of your choice)
  3. Tall candlesticks (colors of your choice)
  4. Gemstones (optional)
  5. Hot glue gun (optional)
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