6 Online Games You Can Play With Your Friends

While mostly everyone is staying in their homes, it is a perfect time to play your friends with these online games.


There is a reason this game took over the world, and now you have enough time to figure it out. This game uses the battle royale concept and can be played cross-platform. This means that you can play with your friends even if they use different platforms like console, mobile, or PC.


Scribble is always good fun. Now you can play it with your friends online. Take turns in drawing the terms and see who can score the most points. There is an added challenge when you draw with your mouse instead of pen and paper.


Minecraft allows you to use your creativity and survival instincts. This classic continues to grow every year and can be incredibly fun when played with friends. Up to eight people can join the server and explore the world and create anything that comes up on their minds.

Mario Kart Tour

This game brings the excitement of Mario Kart to the mobile platform. Different modes in the game will keep you occupied, and the seasonal events in the game will make everything more fun. Compete with your friends and remember the old school Mario games.


Uno is a fantastic card game that has been around for quite some time. There’s also a mobile app you can use to play the game with your friends online! Since the digital game has the same rules as the physical one, you won’t need much time to figure it out and can start playing right away.

Rocket League

This game allows you to play soccer with cars. It may sound weird, but it is incredibly fun and entertaining. You play with an oversized ball and try to take your opponents down in a short five-minute-long match. Team up with your friends, and enjoy the game.

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