Bento Box Lunch Fun

Are you looking for a way to have fun with your food AND move away from sad desk lunches? Why not try a bento box? These portable, compartmentalized lunch boxes go as far back as the fifth century when Japanese farmers, hunters, and warriors packed food in boxes and brought them with them. Today, bento boxes have become much more mainstream, with versions found in cultures all over the world.

Not sure where to begin with your bento box? The following Instagram accounts should give you some inspiration!

Little Miss Bento

Shirley Wong over at @LittleMissBento is a self-described food artist, and we encourage you to challenge yourself to try some of her creative bento boxes. She also has several books on how to devise beautiful bento boxes for both savory and sweet occasions.


While @Tomochu15 is a Japanese account, don’t be deterred from scrolling through his posts for inspiration. The bento boxes and plating are some of the most unique creations you will encounter on social media.


Another all-Japanese account you can take cues from is @Obento.Diary.Jp, whose meals range from basic to intricate. With these bento boxes, you can make some of the simplest food look appetizing and visually appealing.

Imamu Room

Not only can you see pictures of @Imamu__Room creating bento boxes on Instagram, but you can watch her mesmerizing process of cooking and assembling them on YouTube.

Bento Boxes: Our Picks

Now that you’re inspired, there are many types of bento boxes. Here are some of our favorites.

If you are looking for a traditional bento box, try a bamboo bento like this Bento & Co. Handmade Take Bako Bento Box ($153, shop here). While they can be costly, bamboo bento boxes are stunning, easy to use, and reusable.

A more practical option would be a stainless-steel bento like this Stainless Steel Eco Lunch Box from Ecozoi ($32.95, shop here), which is both eco-friendly and leak-proof.

Lastly, something that would be more suitable for any kiddos in your life would be a plastic bento like this Illustrated Animals 2-Layer Kids Bento Lunch Box from World Market ($14.99, shop here) that won’t easily break.

Do you use bento boxes and accessories? Let us know in the comments below!


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