Are There Healing Benefits to Bamboo Salt?

Salt is not a foreign concept; we keep it in our pantries, and even use Epsom salts to soak in when our bodies are sore. But what is bamboo salt, and do you need it?! Jugyeom – or Korean bamboo salt, is said to aid allergies, help prevent cancer, and improve oral health. Here, we’ll discuss Korean bamboo salt, how it works, and whether it’s worth the cost.

How Is Bamboo Salt Made?

Bamboo salt starts as standard sea salt; it then goes through a 30-day processing treatment that involves putting it into bamboo and roasting it, which infuses the salt with the minerals from the bamboo. Through the multiple roasting sessions (nine, to be exact), the salt loses any impurities it might have. During each roast, the bamboo burns off, leaving only the salt, which is then filled into more bamboo until its last roast. When the ninth roast is complete, the salt is a large purplish-black rock that is then delicately broken apart, packaged, and sold.

Are There Benefits to Bamboo Salt?

Because of how labor-intensive it is to make Korean bamboo salt, it comes at a steep price (almost $100 for an 8.5-ounce jar). This may lead you to wonder: Is it worth the money? In short, yes, because bamboo salt may have added health benefits, including:

Boosts Immune System 

In a 2016 study, Korean bamboo salt was tested to see how it affects the immune system. The results showed that bamboo salt might improve immune function due to its therapeutic effects.

Improves Oral Health

While more research needs to be done, from initial studies, Korean bamboo salt appeared to increase the surface hardness of teeth and decrease mineral loss that causes enamel lesions. A 2014 study also showed that bamboo salt has anti-plaque and anti-inflammatory effects.

Has Cancer-Fighting Components

When comparing sea salt with Korean bamboo salt, studies showed that bamboo salt had a more significant antimetastatic effect than sea salt. The roasting process infuses excess minerals into the salt, potentially increasing the mucus that helps prevent cancer. Another study regarding colon cancer showed that bamboo salt prompts the elimination of cancerous cells. It also showed better anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects than purified and solar salts.

Treats Allergies

In a 2004 study, Korean bamboo salt was shown to significantly curb ear swelling from allergic reactions when taken orally or injected into the ear. It can also help with anaphylactic shock.

Ultimately, while more studies are needed, Korean bamboo salt may have positive effects on your immune system, oral health, helping combat and prevent cancer, and managing allergies.

Have you tried Korean bamboo salt? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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